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Hello! Welcome to my little bit of computerland. My name = Mark and I am a musical mammal. When I make music I am SUPERMARK! That's really super, Mark.

Deluxe Recordings is my imaginary record label. A place to be creative and, more importantly, a future tax haven for my offspring (not really that).

My main aim is to ENTERTAIN! by making VIDEOS for the music I um…do. A mixture of all the things I like. Music, comedy, photography. Thingies.

And don’t forget the Deluxe Recordings© cast iron guarantee!*

If you are not FULLY entertained, I, Supermark will PERSONALLY PayPal you 5 minutes of REPLACEMENT TIME in the format of YOUR choice!! ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!!

So what have you got to lose, other than your own (and my) ticking, relentless futility!? JOIN THOSE!!

Episodes will appear at random when I am not battling wolves at my main familial portal.

Good luck, each.

*not a cast iron guarantee